Summer School

Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Summer School on EU Counter-terrorism! 

This Summer School is part of the activities of the Jean Monnet Network on EU Counter-terrorism (EUCTER) and the Jean Monnet Chair (EUCTIRL) led by Prof. Christian Kaunert (Dublin City University / University of South Wales). It is organised with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, for which we are very grateful.

Important note regarding the Summer School content 

This Summer School focuses on terrorism and counter-terrorism. This means that complex, difficult, controversial and emotional topics will be discussed at times. We invite all students to consult the schedule in advance. Should a student feel uncomfortable discussing a specific topic, they are invited to contact the Summer School coordinator (Prof. Sarah Léonard: to discuss the matter further and/or indicate that they prefer not to attend a specific session.

Discussing terrorism and counter-terrorism may give rise to disagreements and/or potentially strong emotions. Please remember that we are all different human beings with varied backgrounds who may have different opinions, experience different emotions and/or express emotions differently. We kindly ask all participants to treat each other with sympathy, to listen to each other and to disagree with each other respectfully. This is a requirement for all participants – students and speakers alike. Our aim is to provide a space where we all engage with the Summer School content and interact with each other in a considerate manner.