Dr. Ethem Ilbiz

Dr Ilbiz is a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of South Wales. He has a special research interest in practical demonstrations of issues at the crossroads of disruptive technologies and policy and politics. His recent project examines the role of the Europol on public-private partnerships (P3) in the context of cybercrime investigations. The project aims to identify and analyze online corporate governance dynamics between Europol, national law enforcement agencies, and private cybercrime investigators.

He is one of the few researchers working on this underdeveloped Uberization theoretical concept. The Uberization is inspired by Uber and can be a new cooperation model engaging multiple actors under an online sharing platform. It can be a useful tool to overcome the sophisticated global problems of recent years by matching underutilized assets of individuals with others who need them in a cost-efficient way. The Uberization has strong potential to be implemented not only in politics but also in many areas where multi-sided solutions are needed.