Dr. Edwin Ezeokafor

Dr Edwin Ezeokafor is a research fellow at the University of South Wales and a research collaborator of Prof Christian Kaunert. Edwin has significant research and teaching experience in security; terrorism and counterterrorism, as well as wider global security, natural resources/ security and geopolitics. He has taught terrorism in the Maghreb, Sahel, and Gulf of Guinea regions. He has also taught the link between natural resources and terrorist activities. He has taught international security and general international relations and emergent global security challenges, political risk analysis. After completing undergraduate studies in History and International relations in Nigeria Edwin went on to complete a postgraduate study at the University of Aberdeen and finally a PhD in International Security at the University of Dundee under the supervision of Professor Christian Kaunert in 2015. Since then, Dr Edwin’s interests have focused on security and crisis consultancy; wars and conflicts; terrorism and counterterrorism, particularly in the Maghreb, Sahel, and Gulf of Guinea. Of particular interest to him are the activities of militant and pirate groups in Africa. He has published significantly in this area.