BOOK TALK with Dr. Hager Ben Jaffel

This book talk will present key findings from Hager Ben Jaffel’s monograph entitled Anglo-European Intelligence Cooperation: Britain in Europe, Europe in Britain (Routledge, 2019) which investigates intelligence cooperation between Britain and its continental partners in the field of counter-terrorism intelligence.

To uncover Britain’s European connection in intelligence relations, this talk will address intelligence cooperation from a practical and human dimension by discussing the everyday bureaucratic practices of UK police representatives based in Europe. It will then discuss the recent moves of British services in the context of the ‘Brexit’ negotiations and provide insights into the process through which elements of European security and intelligence cooperation have been maintained or rejected.

Hager Ben Jaffel is a research associate at the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. Since she received her PhD in IR at King’s College London, she has set up a team of scholars to develop a new research agenda for the study of contemporary intelligence, which aims at exploring intelligence through new lines of inquiry that challenge the canons of Intelligence Studies. In September 2021, she will be co-chairing a section entitled “The Everyday Life of Intelligence – Critique, Reflexivity and Transdisciplinarity” at the EISA annual conference. She is also conducting research on the relationships between security and politics and how these play out in practices of security professionals. A manuscript on this topic has just been published with European Security. Her research has also appeared in International Political Sociology and Intelligence and National Security.