EUCTER – European Counter-Terrorism Jean Monnet Research Network

Based at the University of South Wales, under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Christian Kaunert, EUCTER Jean Monnet Research Network provides research-led excellence in teaching and learning at the intersection of two fundamental areas of EU policy – the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (formerly known as Justice and Home Affairs) and EU counter-terrorism policy and law (also within the CFSP, notably in relation to counter-terrorist financing) – through an international cross-section of doctoral, post-graduate and graduate students. The objective is pursued by advancing cutting-edge blended learning formats, distance-learning, strong inter-disciplinarity, policy relevance. The project brings together three inter-related teaching and research areas: EU justice and home affairs, EU counter-terrorism and EU external relations. While the EU has progressively become an actor in international security in its own right thanks to its increased powers in the field of external relations (i.e. trade policies), the Lisbon Treaty has also underlined the need for more increased cooperation in the field of EU counter-terrorism.

Focusing and analysing on EU counter-terrorism cooperation and diplomacy is the objective of EUCTER. The project aims to discover and explain if and why EU counter-terrorism cooperation, as well as external relations (i.e. CFSP/CSDP, human rights, legal dimensions, etc.) have added to an increased relevance, and if and why diplomacy can add to the counter-terrorism tool set in the EU’s cooperation with third partners via its own delegations at the bilateral and multilateral levels.

EUCTER’s impact will be substantial: it will increase the public awareness of EU counter-terrorism cooperation and diplomacy via its website and publications in both journals and international books series. Moreover, it will enable young researchers to conduct their research and education in this previously under-researched field of EU action through scholarships for outreach events (i.e. their participation to the public debate via workshops, roundtables and conferences).

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