VIRTUE – Changing Landscapes in the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

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The theme for the 14th of June is:  Changing Landscapes in the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.

This conference aims to examine how the European Union Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ) is adapting to the evolving security landscape and how it has been responding to the different challenges and crises triggered by a different set of events after the Lisbon Treaty. Namely, it seeks to critically examine and debate:

  • The impacts of the “so-called” migration crisis and the EU policy response.
  • The New Counter-Terrorism Agenda and Border Technologies (data privacy, human rights)
  • The European Arrest Warrant and the challenges of National Sovereignty of Mutual Recognition in the AFSJ
  • Digitalisation, Privacy and Surveillance at the AFSJ
  • Changing landscapes on Schengen after so-called migration crisis and Covid-19
  • Interoperability of EU Information Systems
  • Fundamental Rights, Effectiveness and Resilience in the European AFSJ
  • The New Pact For Migration and Asylum
  • Changing dynamics at the AFSJ after Brexit (intelligence cooperation, EU Criminal Law)
  • Changes in EU criminal law and preventive criminal justice
  • Europol’s International Exchanges of Data and Interoperability of AFSJ after Brexit
  • Cybersecurity Strategy and the EU’s Regulatory Approach to Cybersecurity

EUCTER – Terrorism in a Changing Landscape

What has changed in the current security landscape? How is terrorism evolving?

The II Virtual EUCTER conference aims to continue to explore the main challenges posed by terrorism at EU and International level. This conference seeks to explore how terrorism is adapting to a changing landscape and to map the current research at resilience, financing, radicalisation and gender level.

EUHYBRID – Hybrid Threats and Hybrid Warfare

What is hybrid warfare? What makes a threat hybrid?

This conference aims to debate the latest research on hybrid threats and hybrid warfare, and to examine the EU policy advances in this area. It aims to examine complexity, non-linearity and challenge some contested concepts, and to understand how memory and identity have been cornerstones of the latest development at the Eastern Neighbourhood. Considering the heightening, acceleration and rapid technological change, this conference aspires, as well, to foster the research-policy interface and examine how EU and NATO have been responding to the challenge of proxy wars, cyber-threats, cyber-intelligence, and cyber terrorism.

AGENDA and Register Here

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